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Green vehicle

Hm… this is the most confusing statement in 21st century. Why? First, let me tell you what I heard about green vehicle:

  1. The vehicle should produce lower emission gas (to prevent glass house effect)
  2. The material used must be recycle-able and give no toxic waste
  3. The vehicle should use natural renewable resource (natural oil is consider nonrenewable resource till now)

At least, that’s the most important part, and I take out the economical value. Let’s see the 100% electric car, like tesla new roadster, it’s fast, efficient, and fully electric. Give a little to zero emission gas, but how about the electricity? Where did you get the electricity? From power plant, right? And how the power plant to produce electricity? As far as i know, most still using Coal or natural oil/gas as the raw material, which is nonrenewable resource, and furthermore, it produce a lot of CO2 and carbon emission to the air (green? think again). For some hi-tech country, they use solar cell (but still not efficient enough to convert Sunlight as energy), Nuclear (this is the most efficient and cheap, but still too high risk, and need high maintenance resource), or Wind turbine (but still not least efficient and not all country have windy sites).

Hybrid car, using mix of electric and natural gas/oil as consumption. But still, the oil is not renewable resource (till now), and electric, just see my explanation about which I still think it’s not green enough. How about bio diesel car? Well, as far as I know, it use 100% palm oil or mix of palm oil + diesel gas as the consumption. Well, this is the greenest of all, but producing 100% energy from bio energy is not cheap. That’s why many car manufacturer already drop it as alternative energy source (until now). If using mixture of palm oil and diesel gas; still the diesel gas is not renewable resource, again.

Solar cell car is still too weird in shape. It mostly have a wide shape more like a shovel shape, but it’s truly green, and the emission is only CO2 + water, but bear in mind, not everyday is sunny, and solar cell still not efficient enough.

Is there any other alternative vehicle? If and only if they can build car like in the “Back to the future” film, where everything can be converted as energy, from waste to even water (er, pee also). Maybe in distant future, or maybe it is not possible at all. However, I really like the idea of this green vehicle. Our world is too pack and so many emission gas not only from cars but also from livestock (they generate n2 gas a lot to this world). Hopefully someone can invent a newest alternative resource or machine that utilize 100% renewable natural resource and 0% emission gas. Keep on inventing and researching!


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