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Google Chrome

Well… google introduced chrome for a while now, and they absolutely effecting every browser’s war right now. Let’s just take one, the rendering engine, webkit engine, adopting by MacOS safari, is having a cool breeze for a while now. As some of the internet enthusiasts, they seems to pro to webkit (as before, it isnt as loud as like today). Besides that, the incognito’s mode (AKA, private mode, which no trace of surfing) is being introduced by IE8 and also Firefox 3.1 roadmap. Well, I dont know if they are too late or something, but, yes, really, google’s chrome really make something out from the crowd. Its multi-process-tab is being adopted to IE8 as well. Seems like everybody tailing the google right now. However, google chrome is still in early stage. Many things need to be explored and fixed. Especially in securities issues, while the beta released binary is using outdated webkit engine.

There are still to early to talk about google’s chrome prospect, but from what experts said, it definitely has a big prospect, especially taking a big cake from firefox, and IE. Only the opera is still so quite about this new trend. Opera, how’s it?


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