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between man and women :|

There are huge different between men and women exactly. Well, many men and women deny it. They usually had thought of same position and role in the society. However, more and more I think of them, it become more and more apparent for me. This is just my thought, in most of asian country, though… let other be the judge. IMO, men are tend to talk direct things rather than women, although it is not a 100%
formula . In the other hand, women are shy and look like pessimistic, while men are opposite, optimistic and aggressive. The way man and women think are miles apart. While, for most women they thought of men and sex are like two things cant be seperated with, however, it is not always true. Men are human too, they have their thought too, and some of men are sensitive, but it is not shown in their face. Different from men, which women tend to show their feeling that can be seen from their face, or body language (when they are sad, happy and so on). Man tend to hide their happiness or emotions right under their bed, so well, that most women dont understand their partner. Man dont share thought with their male friend, they afraid to be called sissy boy or something like that. They know how to hide their sadness and problems. In the other hand, women are likely to tell their female friends almost about anything, from fashion, latest gossips, hot new guy and blah blah blah. But, in their openess of femaleself, they also really know how to hide their feeling as well (or perhaps this action make them being called as inaggresive?). Er… conclusion… men are straight forward, women are hybrid. It’s just some of my opinions, there are still more, but cannot write it down yet. Maybe, next time.


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