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Barusan membaca di salah satu blog ttg strobist photography, yg di salah satu kalimatnya menyatakan:

A little while ago, I took a look at my recent work and came to the conclusion that I was defaulting towards rich colors and saturation. It’s not something I necessarily wanted to be doing, either. But things were just ending up that way.

Mungkin benar, apa yg ditulisnya. Dulu saya bekerja di salah satu advertising agency sebagai designer dan supervisor printer. Karena printer tsb sudah tua, saya terpaksa untuk mem-boost pallete warna-warna saya menjadi lebi contrast. Bole dibilang contrast dan full saturation adalah cita rasa saya. Dan mgkn memikirkan kembali pallete-pallete warna photografi saya adalah foto dengan kecenderungan contrast tinggi. Range warna  antara yg tergelap dan terterang berdiri di jarak yg berjauhan, atau kontrast, istilahnya.

Selain itu, saya jg menjadi berpikir, dalam kehidupan sehari-hari, mungkin kita juga spt begitu, ya. Bagaimana tidak, lingkungan yg keras bisa saja memaksa kita untuk hidup secara keras, baik itu kata-kata kita ataupun perbuatan kita. Koq lucu ya, kita bisa sampe tergiring tanpa sadar oleh lingkungan kita (baik lingkungan pribadi ataupun pekerjaan).

Nah, sekarang adalah bagaimana tidak terseret ke dalam lingkungan (yg jelek tentunya), dan mencoba hal-hal yg lebih baru dan lebi bermanfaat tentunya…


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Human Nature?

Manusia, adalah makhluk yg sangat aneh. Dgn adanya keinginan dan perasaan, membuat mereka menjadi berbeda dengan mahkluk yg lainnya di dunia ini. Tapi sering kali, keinginan yg terlampau kuat dan berambisi; perasaan yg ingin mendominasi ataupun egois, membuat manusia seakan hanya berpikir dirinya sendiri dan tdk bertoleransi. Apa yg ada dipikiran mereka hanya “Saya, saya dan saya”. Yg dipikirkan hanya diri sendiri, tanpa memandang bahwa dia hidup dikalangan org laen, yg masi butuh perhatian dunia ketimbang dirinya sendiri.

Beberapa manusia bahkan mensugesti (memaksa) untuk melakukan hal2 untuk kebaikan diri sendiri saja. Jika tidak dibantu, mukanya ntah kek apa lagi, sungguh tdk terbayangkan! Tp ketika kita melakukan hal2 sesuai kehendaknya, dia akan tersenyum, bagai malaikat (kematian). Tidak pernah tau apakah mereka benar2 tidak bisa berpikir ttg org lain? Apa sebabnya? Jgn blg karena autis. Jika sudah bisa bekerja, autis bukanlah satu penyakit lagi. Ini tergantung seberapa kuat keinginan diri sendiri untuk melakukan hal2 sendiri dahulu, tanpa bergantung kepada org lain. Jika hanya diri sendiri, org tsb bisa melakukannya, tapi jika ada org laen, dia tidak mau. Manja mentel? Itu adalah sanak saudara kata2 dari egois saja. Org laen bole capek, tp dia pengennya enak sendiri.

Tidak, saya tidak mencoba untuk menulis blog yg ada solusinya. Ini hanya kata hati saya yg merasa “Koq mereka ga bisa mikir ya?”. Maaf-maaf kata jika ada kata2 yg menyinggung. Saya tau saya juga manusia biasa yg masi sangat manusiawi, punya perasaan dan keinginan. Tp sering kali perasaan saya tdk enak karena ada manusia lainnya yg egois dan mementingkan dirinya sendiri, tanpa berpikir org laen, apalagi yg suka memaksa kehendaknya kepada org lain… Kelaut aja deh.

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Green vehicle

Hm… this is the most confusing statement in 21st century. Why? First, let me tell you what I heard about green vehicle:

  1. The vehicle should produce lower emission gas (to prevent glass house effect)
  2. The material used must be recycle-able and give no toxic waste
  3. The vehicle should use natural renewable resource (natural oil is consider nonrenewable resource till now)

At least, that’s the most important part, and I take out the economical value. Let’s see the 100% electric car, like tesla new roadster, it’s fast, efficient, and fully electric. Give a little to zero emission gas, but how about the electricity? Where did you get the electricity? From power plant, right? And how the power plant to produce electricity? As far as i know, most still using Coal or natural oil/gas as the raw material, which is nonrenewable resource, and furthermore, it produce a lot of CO2 and carbon emission to the air (green? think again). For some hi-tech country, they use solar cell (but still not efficient enough to convert Sunlight as energy), Nuclear (this is the most efficient and cheap, but still too high risk, and need high maintenance resource), or Wind turbine (but still not least efficient and not all country have windy sites).

Hybrid car, using mix of electric and natural gas/oil as consumption. But still, the oil is not renewable resource (till now), and electric, just see my explanation about which I still think it’s not green enough. How about bio diesel car? Well, as far as I know, it use 100% palm oil or mix of palm oil + diesel gas as the consumption. Well, this is the greenest of all, but producing 100% energy from bio energy is not cheap. That’s why many car manufacturer already drop it as alternative energy source (until now). If using mixture of palm oil and diesel gas; still the diesel gas is not renewable resource, again.

Solar cell car is still too weird in shape. It mostly have a wide shape more like a shovel shape, but it’s truly green, and the emission is only CO2 + water, but bear in mind, not everyday is sunny, and solar cell still not efficient enough.

Is there any other alternative vehicle? If and only if they can build car like in the “Back to the future” film, where everything can be converted as energy, from waste to even water (er, pee also). Maybe in distant future, or maybe it is not possible at all. However, I really like the idea of this green vehicle. Our world is too pack and so many emission gas not only from cars but also from livestock (they generate n2 gas a lot to this world). Hopefully someone can invent a newest alternative resource or machine that utilize 100% renewable natural resource and 0% emission gas. Keep on inventing and researching!

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what do you think?

No body know how or what, but recently I captured that most terorist are targeting rapidly growth country nowadays (such as India, just a few days ago). I dont know if there is conspiration behind them or not. Only china is the only one keep untouched. Are terorist scare of country which is dominant, Or are they conservative persons who want to keep the world as it is, or maybe want to turn back time? But why they dont make terror to US? Or they already know that US going down due to subprime mortgage? Who knows?

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Leah Dizon, pregnant, married, that’s it.

Well… it is a very surprising hearing that Leah Dizon is married and pregnant (is it due to the pregnant that she married? Dunno), sorta gunshot marriage. My concern is not of married or pregnant, but it is the future of the star itself. It is not a deny that Leah Dizon is quite popular these days, and the news may sound like dropping a bomb to their fans, esp. the male ones.

I dont know why shotgun marriage is quite popular in japan? Free sex may be one of the reason, but I dont really know. Well, just hoping THEY have their choice right, and no regret after the decision. No offence, just my opinion, though.

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CSS Shorthand

Whoa, I just read that in CSS there are shorthand called CSS Shorthand for web developer sake. It make the css file smaller, of course, thus the downloading time will be smaller also. Other website from Frog Blog also teach how to use the CSS Shortcut as well.

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Google Chrome

Well… google introduced chrome for a while now, and they absolutely effecting every browser’s war right now. Let’s just take one, the rendering engine, webkit engine, adopting by MacOS safari, is having a cool breeze for a while now. As some of the internet enthusiasts, they seems to pro to webkit (as before, it isnt as loud as like today). Besides that, the incognito’s mode (AKA, private mode, which no trace of surfing) is being introduced by IE8 and also Firefox 3.1 roadmap. Well, I dont know if they are too late or something, but, yes, really, google’s chrome really make something out from the crowd. Its multi-process-tab is being adopted to IE8 as well. Seems like everybody tailing the google right now. However, google chrome is still in early stage. Many things need to be explored and fixed. Especially in securities issues, while the beta released binary is using outdated webkit engine.

There are still to early to talk about google’s chrome prospect, but from what experts said, it definitely has a big prospect, especially taking a big cake from firefox, and IE. Only the opera is still so quite about this new trend. Opera, how’s it?

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Browsers wars, again!

Nowadays, browsers are more and more common than, let’s say, 5 or 10 years ago. Internet has been faster and faster, and much more advanced than 3 years ago. Browsers war already reach a new stage ever. It is not the first, nor the second time, coz it never ended and it still happen until now. Let’s concentrate on the top three browser, IE, Firefox and Opera. Those three are the top three kings of browsers, each with their own positives and negatives sides. IE7 is the newest browser from microsoft, it has been developed for almost 5 years, but still behind Firefox technology and security. IE7 is a standard browser, with only standard feature and an anti phishing feature, not all. It is still packed with many flaw relating with security and rendering standard. It only good as browser build in from OS (Windows), for add on you need separate program either free ware or commercial ware. Firefox, the second favorite browser on the planet. So many feature and functionality offered by Firefox, even with standard package. Its functionality can be extended more by using add ons or plug ins. Theme also can be applied to Firefox, however it is just cosmetically effort, nothing more. Both IE and Firefox has problem with memory leakage. However, IE6 has the biggest memory leakage, comparing to IE7 or Firefox. Both IE7 and Firefox is memory hog, it can took almost 50 mb or memory in decent browsing activities (unconfirmed). The third browser yet not so popular browser is Opera. Opera is blazing fast and the it is quite memory efficient browser, and usually follow WC3 standard. It has the most largest functionality over IE and Firefox even in standard package, but lack of new web technology (maybe that’s the downside of standard follower). It also has similarity Firefox add on called widgets, but the functionality are nothing comparing to Firefox add ons, ie. Adblock Plus. However, same with IE, user can install 3rd party program to extend their functionality, like Proxomitron to do same function as Adblock Plus. It depend on user which aspect is the most needed by them, is it functionality, simplicity, security or even extendability, as I only talk about simple comparison of those top three browsers.

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between man and women :|

There are huge different between men and women exactly. Well, many men and women deny it. They usually had thought of same position and role in the society. However, more and more I think of them, it become more and more apparent for me. This is just my thought, in most of asian country, though… let other be the judge. IMO, men are tend to talk direct things rather than women, although it is not a 100%
formula . In the other hand, women are shy and look like pessimistic, while men are opposite, optimistic and aggressive. The way man and women think are miles apart. While, for most women they thought of men and sex are like two things cant be seperated with, however, it is not always true. Men are human too, they have their thought too, and some of men are sensitive, but it is not shown in their face. Different from men, which women tend to show their feeling that can be seen from their face, or body language (when they are sad, happy and so on). Man tend to hide their happiness or emotions right under their bed, so well, that most women dont understand their partner. Man dont share thought with their male friend, they afraid to be called sissy boy or something like that. They know how to hide their sadness and problems. In the other hand, women are likely to tell their female friends almost about anything, from fashion, latest gossips, hot new guy and blah blah blah. But, in their openess of femaleself, they also really know how to hide their feeling as well (or perhaps this action make them being called as inaggresive?). Er… conclusion… men are straight forward, women are hybrid. It’s just some of my opinions, there are still more, but cannot write it down yet. Maybe, next time.

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I just recently know how to use sms2email from my mobile provider, Telkomsel

Usage: [email_address]#[message]

example: is test feature.

and send it to 5678

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